Unique typical ruin of castle of the northest Bohemia. It is situated at two clinkstone rocks, which stick out from the surroundings sandstone rocks. The castle was originated in the era of first Slavonic settlement. First mentioned in the second part of 13rd century as fortress of Vartenberks, situated at the crossing of merchant roads. Since the year 1402 the castle was owned by clan of Berka z Dubé, but later the king Jiří z Poděbrad dispatched it and return to Vartenberks. In the era of Thirty years` war the castle was once for all ruined by Swedish army of general Wrangel. The ruin started to be tennanted by robbers. Later is was break as construction material by the residents. Thank its romantic look the ruin is haunted by tourists.
The castle TolštejnThe castle Tolštejn
Ruin of castle
Sight of Tolštejn